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Keep Ducts Functioning Right

Rely on us when you need duct cleaning services in Gloucester, VA & Williamsburg, VA

Don't let your ducts become cluttered and clogged. GEOTEK Home Services offers duct cleaning services to keep air circulating through your whole home the way it should.

Want to get regular checkups and service? Sign up for our Maintenance Monitoring program. We'll tune up your home twice a year. We offer different pricing tiers based on the systems in your home.

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Get a duct installation done through our talented team

Every HVAC system needs a full system of ducts to move the air currents around. If your ducts aren't sealed and installed correctly, you're going to have air leaking out and costing you a fortune. We can take on your duct installation and make sure everything is set up correctly.

When it comes to duct work, we can do it all. Think of us when you need a professional to:

  • Clean your ducts
  • Replace your ducts
  • Upgrade your ducts
  • Tear out your ducts
  • Repair your ducts

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