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Discover a New Way to Heat and Cool Your House

Find new solutions for energy-efficient heating in Gloucester, VA & Williamsburg, VA

You can keep the sweaters and extra blankets in your closet. With the energy-efficient heating systems GEOTEK Home Services provides, you're finally able to make your home as warm as you want it.

We provide free consultations for residential and commercial clients who want to make their buildings GeoSmart. This type of HVAC system is the most energy-efficient form of heating and cooling. You're even eligible for a tax rebate from the government up through 2025.

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Save cash and the environment with energy-efficient air conditioning

Energy-efficient air conditioning is a good investment for you. It's also a good investment for the world around you. By making the switch to an energy-efficient system, you're leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. We'll install all of the equipment you need to geothermically heat and cool your home.

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